Hawaii, Part 4

The next day, Phil arranged for us to come here:


It was a forty-five minute drive from the resort where we were staying and we were all scratching our heads by the time we got here. All set to visit a pineapple farm, but where were all the pineapple trees??



We were the last to arrive (taking “island time” a little too much to heart) and the bus driver had to double check to make sure Jonah was on his list.



Boarded on the bus and ready to follow our pineapple wielding guide wherever he took us. It was at this point when he informed us that pineapples do not grow on trees, but rather on a stalk on a low long-leaved plant. Oooohhhhh… pretty glad we didn’t ask him beforehand where all the pineapple trees where.



Peering out at the pineapple fields.



Our guide let everyone take a closer look at his pineapple that actually grows on a stalk. We were oddly fascinated.



The pineapple harvester/tractor thing.



Then our guide brought out a machete and let us sample different pineapples growing on the farm.






But some were not as sweet as others.



He let each of our kids pick out a pineapple to take home. It was hard to choose one.



The chosen one.







The guide had said not to pick a baby one because it wouldn’t be any good to eat and which one did he choose? The baby-est one he could find. No worries though, it is even now- one year later- actually still growing in our backyard. Interesting fact from our guide: if you plant the whole pineapple, the top part of the pineapple, or just a leaf from the pineapple, it’ll actually grow another pineapple. In two or three years. So of course we had to try it once we got home. And so far, the leaves are still green and appear to be growing, so good!







Shameless selfie-taking tourist.



And finally, a tour of the pineapple packing plant.





And so ended another day in paradise.

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