Hawaii, Part 6

Hard to believe the previous post was over and done with while the morning was still bright and early. We still had a packed schedule to enjoy our last full day in Hawaii. [sob].


Starting with breakfast at the utterly adorable Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop. Sounds like a book title if I ever heard one.



This is when the boy started ordering from the adult menu. Chicken and waffle. He devoured it while Phil’s wallet cried silent tears of anguish.



Little bro and Pineapple liked our breakfast stop, too!



And then, we commenced to start the window shopping, town wandering, and souvenir finding portion of the day.



Where he leads, they all will follow.



And when one wants to walk on the low rock wall instead of the path, they all decide to do it. Except for me. I stayed on the actual path.



I almost didn’t post this picture because of so much distracting stuff in the background. But I love the interaction here between dad and son. I love how he listens to their stories. And laughs his silent Ernie laugh at their jokes. He’s a good dad. No, a great one.



I love this one, too. Even the tag hanging out the back of his pants. It’s perfectly him.



Still on the hunt for the perfect souvenirs.



And finally, back to soak in our last afternoon in paradise.



The evening came much too quickly, but with it came luau time!



Our emcee for the evening.



Jonah took a bit to warm up to this somewhat odd man.



Our older ones found him downright hilarious. Loved how much they enjoyed this experience.



Then came our last Hawaiian sunset.



And the hula dancing began.



And then the amazing fire show.











Truly a wonderful show to cap off a vacation we all enjoyed so very much.







Lauren wasn’t so sure about standing next to this guy who maybe needed a shirt.

Mahalo Hawaii for a trip we’ll never forget and aloha until we meet again.

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