Camping 2016

Ugh. Aaaaand now I am a year and three months behind. Where did the summer go?? Seriously, I just can not catch up neither here or in real life. But it’s been such a great summer relishing all the time together and soaking up all the little moments. Especially as the kids keep getting older seemingly faster and faster, it’s ever more apparent that the time to enjoy is NOW and I’m thankful to say that we’ve been doing some really good enjoying of being together, this stage of our family life, this past summer of little and big moments. Maybe you’ll hear all about it… next summer. Ha ha.

For now though, because I am me and good at being me, I’m still gonna try my darnedest to get caught up here.

So we shall rewind to the summer of 2016 (which I recall was another good one) and which started with a camping trip with a couple of Mikey’s school friends’ families. So thankful we got to know these families and to be able to support each other as we navigate school and our boys who keep trying to throw wrenches into the whole plan of NOT FAILING AT SCHOOL.


There was an afternoon of fishing. Fish-catching however, not so much.




This boy in particular, was having a hard time fishing just for the sake of fishing without any of the thrill of any actual fish biting.



These girls however, were okay with the casting and reeling in parts.





After fishing, device time was allowed. Like moths to a flame… every time.



There was also some good cookin’ and good eatin’. Everything just seems to taste better when eaten outside and seasoned by a touch of dirt and campfire smoke.





Speaking of campfires…



And lots of s’mores making.











This boy took his job of stick collecting very seriously.



As my dad would say, deadly serious.






Because more sticks = more fire = more s’mores.





And when your feet get tired…



You pull you up and chair and keep right at it.





Was a fun time together. Especially when Mrs. Sun pulled out the Chinese sausages to roast over the fire AFTER the marshmallows were all gone. So tasty.

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